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Mailorderbrideprices.com was started by two cheap guys looking for love.  Actually, only one of us is cheap the other one is simply frugal, but when we started looking at mail order brides both of us were flummoxed by the strange, confusing pricing structures of the various agencies.

At first we assumed that mail order brides must be only for rich guys, because you know the old saying, “If you have to ask the price you can’t afford it.”  It seemed impossible to tell the basic cost parameters for mail order brides.

Every agency worked off a different pricing structure.  Some sites required that you purchase credits and none were very clear about what was actually involved with meeting, dating, and eventually marrying a mail order bride.   Slowly we realized that this was not something just for the wealthy, but that there were a variety of ways to save money if you were frugal or even just cheap.

The Modern Dating Process

First, we set out to establish the basic international dating process that occurs when a Western man sets out to date and possibly marry a beautiful foreign woman.   We did this on the front page of this site, because the international dating process is so different, particularly if you are interested in potentially finding a lifelong mate without wasting any money.

We know that most readers have pretty good idea of how the modern dating process runs in the United States or Europe.  That’s why they start looking for mail order brides in the first place.  Dating really has become a nightmare in the United States and Europe for a lot of reasons.

You know how it goes.  Usually, you meet an interesting woman at work, the gym, the supermarket, or some place, and after careful consideration, usually after she has seen you a good many times, you work up the courage to ask her out for a coffee or after work drink.

And of course, 99% of the time she is married, engaged, uninterested, and you get rejected without about as much consideration as a mangy dog.  Then you spend a few days getting over the sting and maybe answer a few questions from someone in human resources.  Then like a rodeo clown or a Navy SEAL you pick yourself up off the ground to repeat the process until by some miracle you eventually succeed, get fired, arrested, or die.

Mail Order Brides Are Different

So, we wrote a detailed article about the mail order bride dating process explaining the potential costs at each step. When we started the site that article was basically the entire site.  If you have somehow reached this page without reading that article that explains the basic financial issues to consider in international dating stop now and click this hyperlink and read that article.

Because understanding the dating process is the key to saving money, and, more importantly, finding the love of your life.  Every international dating site is a little different and when it comes to true mail order bride sites the differences are huge.

Some offer full service romance tours where they provide food, hotels, and in country transportation while they introduce you to some of the most beautiful women you have ever dreamed about.   Other agencies do not do anything, but all you to contact the woman.  Some do video chat and others do letters.  Some are fully IMBRA compliant and others are not.  And that can be really important, so to cover all of this stuff we added reviews of the top mail order bride agencies.

Mail Order Bride Countries

Then we started providing information on the countries where mail order brides come from, because most of the women come from three general regions: Latin America, Asia, or Eastern Europe.   Each of those area are unique, but there are some commonalities and we highlight both.

We also try to give people good information on how to get the best travel deals in each region and avoid scams.  The cost of pursuing a mail order bride can truly vary widely depending on just how much you want to spend and following our tips can help you spend your money more efficiently.  Even if you are super wealthy you still want to get the most bang for your buck.

If you have any questions, comments, complaints or compliments be sure to drop us a line over at our CONTACT FORM.

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